I broke the handle on my 24″ street unicycle last week and UDC only had a white replacement. I bought one and while fitting it, I was wondering if it was the same strength as a black one. I realised I haven’t posted a picture of my unicycles and thought it might be of some interest to some of you.

So, here is my 24″ street setup.

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The wheelset is a Nimbus Dominator II. I love this wheel. It’s so strong and light. It’s a shame the rim isn’t wider but I think that’s probably the reason it’s so strong.
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The cranks are Koxx street cranks. At 133mm long I find them the perfect length for the 24″ wheel. They allow me to go pretty quick, which I prefer so I can ride more rampy stuff. I ground the nubs off them, as I kept hitting my ankles. Pedals are Oydssey JC plastics. I really love these for grinding and I actually prefer them once they get a little worn as I tend to be able to adjust my feet better.
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The frame is a Qu-Ax QX series. I’ve had this frame for years and it’s ok. It’s pretty much a KH copy but with thicker tubing. It’s quite heavy in comparison to the KH, but I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a new frame. I actually had to grind the stupidly fat bearing holders down so the wheel would fit in the frame.
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The seat is the Nimbus street saddle. I love this seat. It’s stiff and the foam is firm. I really like the material the cover is made from because it doesn’t chaff very much. Good move by Nimbus.
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I use a Maxxis Holy Roller tyre. It’s a 2.4″ wide tyre and has a kevlar bead. It’s nice and light, which is important considering the crank length, and I love the way it rolls. It does fold a bit at the pressure I run to be able to compress it for hops, but with a wider rim I think it would perfom much better. As always with tyres, it’s a trade-off. For the weight it’s great.
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That’s my street setup. I might post my trials and downhill unicycles too.