High Maintenance is the first full-length unicycling DVD to come out of the UK. It was directed, shot and edited by myself while I was with Voodoo Unicycles. It took us a week to shoot, all the riders came to mine and we hit up London, Milton Keynes, Dunstable and Northampton. Leos part was shot in one day at Ashridge and Woburn Sands.
We wanted to distribute it via DVD so it came as a free gift with every order placed for Voodoo Unicycles clothing. This meant that only 100 or so copies were ever made, although the orders were sent all over the world.

It’s almost a year since we first released it, so I have uploaded it to Vimeo for everyone to watch. I have also uploaded the ISO file to Mega, so you can download it and burn it to DVD if you want. It has menus and chapters so you can skip to your favourite sections.

Download here