It’s no secret, I’ve never been a fan of flatland or flatland videos.  I find the lack of obstacles and speed make it quite boring to watch plus if you don’t know the tricks very well, it all looks the same. Flat videos are usually shot from a tripod in the riders back yard, which adds to the monotony.

I love Elias’ riding so I gave this video a chance and I’m so glad I did. This is by far the best flat video I’ve ever seen. Even though it is shot using a tripod, the spots he picked are interesting and varied, the music fits well and the riding speaks for itself.

The reason I’m not a huge fan of flat is that it normally contains a lot of flips and spins. I’m not hot on them anyway but when I can’t tell the difference between tricks, I switch off. Elias doesn’t do many flips or spins and instead concenrates on ridiculous footjam combos. To me it’s more visually pleasing  and interesting to watch. He does things in this video I’ve never seen before.


Enough of my waffling, check it out!