Doing something like this is what comes out of making decisions like that, you know? Being able to go, ‘Right, I’ve left that there, I’ll move on, try and do something different’ which is hard. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Way beyond a bloody BMX trick or anything. Building up the confidence, the decision making to just say ‘I’ve had enough’, not of BMX, but I’ve had enough of this lifestyle. The lifestyle that I know. The only thing I know.

Niki Croft struck a chord with me in this latest video of his adventures riding around the continent. I know exactly what he means when he is talking about being sick of the lifestyle. However, I feel that I already get out of riding what he is talking about. I’ve always tried to treat riding as a way of getting out, seeing new things and meeting new people. Nothing more. I try to never take it too seriously and if I’m really not having fun while riding, I stop. The trick is knowing when the right time to stop is. You can so easily get drawn into a cycle of frustration, not realising that it’s riding that’s actually making you frustrated.

See a different perspective on riding trips in this great video put together by Rich Maciver. I really want to go on a riding trip now!