Today I got given an old camera. It’s a Canon T70 that used to belong to my Grandad and was supposed to be top of the range back when it was new back in 1984 (I’ve just realised, it’s the same age as my car!). Mum also found a load of old rolls of film. There was no excuse, I had to get out and have a go with it.

After buying some new batteries and having a quick read of the manual, I figured out how to use it and fired off a few exposures in college. Then, this evening I decided to go and find something to take some nice photos of. I packed my bag, jumped on my bike and cycled out into the fields. As I was cycling I could see the sky developing some interesting looking cloud formations and turning a deep orangey/red shade. Perfect!


Photo0881 Photo0880

The only lens I have for it is an 82-100mm zoom but for some reason it’s way wider than the 58mm prime on my Zenit. The Canon has a fully auto mode, bar focusing, which is quite nice after having to set everything manually on the Zenit. I find myself missing lots of photo opportunities with the Zenit because it takes me so long to set up a shot. Having said that, I guess it’s just something I’ll get better at the more I do it.

I’m tempted to buy some more lenses for both of my SLRs but I’m not sure how much I’d actually use them. I’d love to shoot some BMX, skating or unicycling on them though. Now I’m spoilt for choice when I go out shooting!