I watched this video yesterday and since then I’ve seen it posted by a lot of my friends.

It did make me stop and wonder if I spend too much of my time on the internet. I find having a brick phone massively helps prevent me from doing the ‘get your phone out and pretend to look at it’ thing in awkward situations or when you’re waiting for someone/thing. I also actively try to stay engaged with my surroundings too. I love people watching and you see tons of stuff you would be missing if you had your face in your phone.
That’s not to say I’m not guilty of it though. I’ve taken plenty of photos and posted loads of status’ on what I’m doing. Who’s to say how much Facebook is too much? Is it subjective? My idea of being on Facebook too much is probably completely different to the next person.
On the other hand, I find Facebook so useful for staying in contact with friends I don’t live anywhere near. It does make you think though.

What do you think?