Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace(HA!), Google+. There’s so many social networks these days it’s hard to keep up and sometimes I forget that I have an account on a certain site. One of these sites I’d almost forgotten about is Soundcloud. I love Soundcloud. It’s like Youtube but for music. I follow all my favourite producers on there and it allows you to get all the latest tracks, samples and demos first.
I haven’t been on Soundcloud for ages, so when I logged in today I had 6 months worth of tunes to catch up on. Especially helpful when I had a whole theory task due in today. I put my headphones in, hit play on my stream and started typing. Bliss!

One track that caught my attention in particular was a mix by Colossus. I love Colossus’ material but one track stood out head and shoulders above the rest.
It’s a track by one of my favourite producers who goes by the name Hosta. I’ve never heard of the track before, it must be forthcoming. It starts at around 20 minutes into the mix. Epic roller!

If you’re a fan of music, you need to be on Soundcloud.