I haven’t blogged for a while so I thought I’d just post about what I’ve been upto over the last day or so.
I’ve started my Final Major Project at college, so from now on, all my efforts are going to go into that. I’m making a documentary about belief and how different people can have faith in their religions. I have an idea for an intro and Alfred and I went out to shoot it this evening. It didn’t look entirely like I wanted it, so we might go and have another go or I might abandon the idea altogether. Here’s a couple of screen caps.



Also, while the sun was out and I had the car on a quiet road, I made this.

Stuff 2 Drum & Bass

After receiving a couple of messages from people requesting more videos on Stuff 2 D&B this week, I realised I haven’t made one for a while. I started making a list of tracks to use and themes to cover. I’m not going to reveal future videos but I’ve started the next one in the series, which is a bit of an experiment. I’ve always used nature on previous videos for the channel, but this time I’m doing surfing to D&B. I’m about halfway through and I think it works really well, you’ll have to wait till it’s released to find out though. Here’s a screenshot.