I originally bought this van to transport the Voodoo Unicycles kit around the country but since leaving the company, I’ve had no use for it, so it’s up for sale. It’s not a perfect van, it’s 14 years old, but it’ll do someone a good turn. I’ll list all the faults, something the guy I bought it from didn’t do.

Model: Citroen Dispatch

Year: 2000

Mileage: 180359

Tax: 30/04/14

MOT: 30/10/14

Location: Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire

Price: £750ono

Contact details: Email: eddbmxdude@hotmail.com or 07595051030

I’ll list the bad points first.

  • The temperature gauge has a mind of its own. The bloke I bought it from told me it wasn’t overheating but I was sceptical. Turns out it doesn’t overheat. The needle flicks between halfway and max on the gauge, sometimes when you’re stationary at lights or in traffic. There’s no way it can heat up and cool that fast so I think it’s either the sender or the gauge itself. I’ve used it since October last year as it is and it’s been fine.
  • The guy I bought it from told me not to trust the fuel gauge. He told me not to let it go below a quarter of a tank and if the light came on, to fill up straight away. I haven’t been brave enough to test this theory, so I’ve always assumed it’s empty at a quarter of a tank and filled up. It might be fine but worth a mention. I’ve read that the dash clocks can go faulty in these vans, which could explain this and the temperature gauge fault.
  • The ignition key is broken. Luckily it’s broken off in the ignition barrel, so it still works as normal, although you could probably start it with a spoon. It also means the key occasionally falls out of the ignition as you’re driving.
  • It could do with a new battery. It turns over extremely slowly sometimes and after being stood for a week or so without being used it needs to be jumped. When I was using it every day it was ok though.
  • Could do with a couple of tyres on the back.
  • The heater fan controls have lost their knobs.
  • It has a couple of chips in the windscreen. They aren’t in the sweep of the drivers side wiper though. Not even mentioned at MOT time.
  • It’s French.

That makes it sound quite bad but it’s a nice little van really, I just want to be honest about it so potential buyers have no nasty surprises like I did.

I have actually done a lot of work on this van since I bought it. It’s had 2 new wishbones with all new bushes, 2x CV gaiters, both track rod ends, a front wheel bearing, I replaced the rear brake lines and repaired the exhaust hanger. None of the locks worked when I bought it. I’ve read this is a common problem with the locks on these. I stripped them all out, lubricated and refitted them. Now most of them work most of the time. It’s got a brand new drivers side wing mirror and housing.

The engine is sweet. It’s got 180359 miles on the clock but the heater plugs heat up and the light goes off, it starts with no trouble and idles lovely. It’s the 1.9 non-turbo version and although it’s a little sluggish it’s pretty good on diesel.

The bodywork is average for its age. Obviously it’s not going to win any show and shines, it’s got a couple of speed dents, but it’s pretty good on the whole and has no rust anywhere. The bonnet has somehow (Probably because the van’s so fast) got loads of stone chips in it. It has twin sliding doors, which is pretty handy. Comes with The Worlds Most Secure Lock on the back doors and a Unicycle.com sticker that must add at least 10 style points. The interior is pretty clean for a 14 year old van. It’s not been used as a builders van so doesn’t have the usual brick dust/cement/paint marks in the back. I’ll take all my crap out of it before it goes. The drivers seat is just starting to show some wear but the passenger seats (it’s a 3 seater, bonus!) are in good, clean condition. The stereo wiring is all intact and has the factory ISO connector and radio antenna in an unmolested state. It’s also got a nice set of Trident roof bars fitted.

I have a few old MOT certificates for it and the V5 in my name. It has a month left on the tax and is ready to be driven away.  I’m after £750 ono. It owes me much more than that but I realise it’s an old van and not worth a million quid. I’m only selling up because I have no use for a van anymore and it’s taking up space on the driveway. Come and get it!