I’ve been following the Epicly Later’d series for a year or so now. I can’t skate but I take huge inspiration from it, skating has such an established format and culture. The Edicly Later’d series is a great way to learn about key skaters and the birth and death of loads of the big skate companies.

Ed Templeton is a legend in the sport, so I was excited when I noticed his Epicly Later’d had gone up. It’s crazy how he came from absolutely nothing and is now probably one of the most respected skaters there is. He has survived all the Toy Machine skaters leaving twice and now he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to skate again after a leg injury.

It’s a behemoth at 6 episodes long, but well worth the watch. Make a cuppa and get your eyes around this.

You’ve come this far, the last part is on Vice.


I take massive motivation from the Epicly Later’d series. It’s fascinating learning how so many skaters have built up companies in different ways and become successful. It makes me wonder if unicycling will ever have a history so rich in characters and will it ever be documented in a way like this? Will anyone be interested enough to watch it? Can unicycling support as many different companies as skating? Will there be many more spring up? Who knows, only time will tell.