Nowadays it’s hard to keep up with BMX videos. It seems like there’s at least 10 new videos a week, all by top riders absolutely killing it.

Here’s a few I’ve rounded up over the last week or so and feel deserve your attention. In no particular order, check it.

Sean Ricany – Primo 2014
I’ve never heard of Sean before but that’s not to say he isn’t a great rider. Check out this Primo video of him which is a 3 minute tech-fest. Double pegs up rail to gap to tooth hanger WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?

Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam

It’s not often you seen dirt videos these days but this one is a cracker. Nice camerawork with what looks like a quadcopter and a great vibe to the edit make this well worth investing 3 minutes. Also, superman backflip.

The Street Series – Episode 1
The riding in this isn’t mind blowing but the feel of the video reminds me of what BMX is all about: Having fun, exploring new places and meeting new people through little kids bikes. We need more of this in unicycling.
Sorry for the shitey EpicTV link.

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