I’m used to being behind the lens but it’s not often I’m in front of it.
It’s always nice to have decent photos of yourself riding though, so when my friend and photographer, Sam, asked if we could go out and shoot some stuff I was keen. We’ve been trying to arrange a day when we’ve both had some free time for a while but as always, general life stuff seems to get in the way. We managed to get down the woods for a couple of hours today and low and behold, it was raining and Sams flashes were playing up, so we didn’t get as much stuff as we wanted but we did get a few decent shots.

Sam has shot stuff of me before and I can’t wait to get out with him more often. Check out his site where you can see the photos of me he did last year plus all his other work. http://www.samhelsby.com/

Click the photos for full resolution.