Between college and work, I get one day off a week, Saturday.
Seeing as it’s my birthday on Monday, I wanted to do something a bit different this weekend. I decided to go and visit my Brother, Leo, in Northampton.

With the Metro loaded with the bikes, Aaron and I headed up the M1 to junction 15. Leo was already at the pub, so we left the car at his and cycled across town to join him and a few friends. The Olde England is a really cool little real ale pub which has loads of board games for the punters to play. We spent the evening playing scrabble and chatting rubbish. Come closing time we headed to the kebab shop on the way home.
We ordered two pizzas and bungee strapped them to Leos bike to get them home. Cycling across Northampton half pissed was so much fun.

Today we had planned to go riding. Aarons bike needed some much-needed TLC, so we spent a couple of hours tinkering while eating ice cream. It’s been years since I had a whippy, it almost felt like summer!

After fixing Aarons bike we all jumped into Sams car and headed to Milton Keynes for a ride. We rode Buszy and one other spot before calling it a night and heading back. We’re all a bit rusty and it’ll take more than one session to blow out the cobwebs. I did get this cool photo from the drive up there though.


It was really nice to do something a bit different and it was made even better by the super nice weather. A thoroughly enjoyable birthday weekend 🙂