I love skating, always have. I don’t skate myself but I love the scene and culture surrounding it. I also love the amount of history skating has and how it developed from kids skating pools on boards they’d made themselves to the massive industry it is today.

The thing I love most about the skate scene is the determination to actually skate and build things to skate. The local group of skaters in Dunstable may be small, but that doesn’t stop them from getting out there and creating something for themselves when no-one else is helping them out.

This ghetto plaza has existed in a couple of different guises before, but this new location seems to have lasted the longest. I love this kind of thing. Every time I go down there it’s changed. It’s never exactly the same for very long, there’s always something new to ride. There’s even some decent graffiti starting to appear.






It’s things like this that really round a scene off. Having something you’ve built and feel like you own gives so much more strength and pride to your scene. It also helps give you credibility to outsiders looking in.
With the skatepark project looming in Dunstable, I wonder if things like the ghetto park can continue to exist. It makes me a bit sad to think this may get abandoned and forgotten when the skatepark is built. Time will tell.