I think I thrive on being busy.
This week was half term, so I didn’t have college. However, instead of having more free time I seemed to have less. I’m borrowing a camera from college so I can get to grips with it before I have to use it in anger and I’m shooting a mini documentary about my family. In the process I found loads of old footage of my brother and I riding uncicycles that is almost 10 years old, so I’ve been busy digitizing that.

This looks like a good Friday night in to me. Capturing footage from the XL-H1 while drinking beer šŸ™‚

While shooting the documentary I’ve got loads of funny clips and gems of information from each member that I’ve interviewed so far. Here’s a sneak peek of a tiny snippet of Mums interview.

Vespa rebuild

I feel like I’m a really bad friend. Years ago, my friend Sara asked if I could take a look at her Vespa for her. She said it was ridiculously slow and she wasn’t wrong. She bought it up to my workshop so I could take a look at it and when I rode it you could actually scoot it along with your feet faster than it could pull away.


The problem was a broken exhaust stud but we decided to make it a bit faster at the same time. I sourced a cylinder kit and set about dismantling the engine to fit the kit.
I got stuck at removing the clutch. It requires a special tool which I didn’t have, and that’s where the project has been ever since. Recently, I’ve felt so guilty that I still haven’t done it, I decided to buy the tool and get on with it.
So, this week I ordered the tool and when it arrived I removed the clutch. It was the last thing to do before I could completely disassemble the engine.
Here is the engine just before I removed it from the scooter.

I’ve been trying to clean all the engine components as I go. The entire engine is caked in oil and road crap.
This is how the engine casing looks now. It’s almost entirely disassembled. I’ve decided that I may as well replace all the bearings, oil seals and gaskets while I’ve got the engine this far apart.


I’m looking forward to building it back up with all shiny new parts šŸ™‚