Today I put my 1984 Austin Metro in for its MOT. MOT time is always a nerve-wracking time for me, mainly because I buy shit cars, but this car has never failed one so I wanted it to go straight through again.

It needed a tyre, so I got that done beforehand and sure enough, it went through first time!

I’m pretty friendly with the garage and they let me mooch around while it was getting done. I managed to snap some photos of it on the ramp. I’ve spotted a few things that I need to address before they get too bad. Despite how solid it is, there’s a couple of scabby patches that I need to deal with before they turn nasty. Also, the exhaust is touching the subframe, so I’ll need to sort that out before it rubs through.





I’ve got no massive plans for it. I need to sort out the suspension, it’s sitting at a different height on every corner. I’ll lower and stiffen it a touch while I’m at it but apart from that, I’m just going to roll it as-is.


I bloody love this car. It’s certainly no race car but it’s so basic and fun to drive. The A-series engine and that exhaust sound amazing too 🙂