Well, nothing with cars is ever as simple as you think it’s going to be. I don’t know why I thought I could just fit a load of new ignition parts and expect the Metro to be ready to use.

If you read my post from last week, you’d know I bought a load of new parts to get the car running again. I spent Saturday, my only day off, fitting all the parts. Obviously it’s got some obscure running problem that is preventing me from booking the MOT. It starts and runs no problem, but as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator it bogs down and almost dies.

I went back down the workshop last night and double checked the points gap, timing and even took the carb off and blasted the main jet out with carb cleaner. It’s still the same. It got so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers so I gave up and came home. I did bring the carb back with me, with a view to dismantling it and cleaning it throughly.


I checked the dashpot oil today and it’s pretty low. I’ve decided against taking the carb apart, on reflection that’s just asking for trouble. Instead I bought a new coil and a bottle of 3-in-1 oil for the dashpot. Fingers crossed that clears it up. If not, I’m going to refit the old ignition components one at a time, until it cures the problem.


I arrived at the workshop just as it was getting dark. It’s so peaceful up there and sometimes I love just looking out across the fields. It’s especially nice in summer. Struggling to find an incredibly irritating fault on the car usually kills off any joy the scenery gives me though!