People that know me, know that I love cars. I’ve owned a fair few over the years, some crap, others not so. One car that I have owned for the longest is a 1984 Austin Metro. A Metro may seem a strange choice to some but my first car was a Metro and they hold a special place in my heart. I always wanted a Mk1, so when this little gem came up for sale I jumped at the chance.


It was originally owned by a lady called Elsie. She bought the car from new and owned it right up until I bought it, when she was 91! It had 9000 miles on the clock when I bought it. I have put another 13000 on it. 22000 miles for a 30-year-old car isn’t bad going though!

As the car is so immaculate I try to store it away over winter in an attempt to preserve and protect it from the horrendous UK roads during the colder months. About this time of year I think about bringing it out of hibernation ready for the warmer weather. This year is no different and I spent Saturday down the workshop getting it running again.


I bought a load of service and ignition parts and fitted them all. Part of the reason I love this car is that it’s so simple and parts are so cheap. It won’t rev up properly and I thought it was timing, so I borrowed a timing light from my mate and checked the timing. It appeared all good but it still won’t rev. I suspect the main jet is blocked. It’s been sitting up the workshop for over a year. Next time I’m down there I’ll blast the carb out with some carb cleaner.



I gave it a quick once over and other than a tyre, it looks like it’ll go straight through an MOT. I can’t wait to get out driving in this car again. Good times!