THis weekend has been a bit of an odd one. I met up with my friend, Pud, who moved to the States about 5 years ago. I’ve seen him twice since he went and he was back to renew his visa so I jumped at the chance to meet up. It was so good to see him.
On the downside I was out quite late with him and I forgot to set my alarm, resulting in me being 2 hours late for work the next day. Opps!

Media stuff

I wanted to go riding on Saturday but the weather had other ideas. The only good thing about rain is it forces me to stay inside and I normally mess around on After Effects or Premiere Pro.
I’ve wanted to do this for a while but didn’t really know how to do it. Since I’ve been at college I’ve learnt a ton of new stuff and the unit I’ve just completed gave me the knowhow to do this. I actually used my knowledge of vector graphics from a unit I did last year too.

I also made an ident, which I added to the beginning of a short intro to the Scotland Roadtrip I edited last summer. I wanted to have the shutter actually closing when the flash and shutter noise go off, but I need to play around with it more before I work out how to do that.