My bullet-time shoot is tomorrow!
I’m bricking it. I’m so paranoid that someone who has agreed to lend me a camera is going to forget. I had to modify the rig for the Canon 7D’s today. I’d drilled the holes at 140mm and the 7’s are 149mm wide. The 550D’s and 600D’s are 133mm wide and on paper the 7D’s will fit in between but in reality the mounting screws aren’t in the center. Nightmare! All sorted now though, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Next up…
This article popped up on my Facebook feed today. I love George French and I hadn’t heard anything of him in a while. George runs Gsport BMX and is always playing about doing interesting projects. This time he’s made a 3D printer and printing prototype parts. There’s a video of him printing a pedal body.
This got me thinking; I wonder how hard it’d be to build my own 3D printer? It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to make unicycle parts and this would be the ideal way to prototype parts cheaply.
Read the article and watch the video here.

My latest assignment at college is all about working freelance in the media industry. Part of the unit is to create marketing and promotional material for yourself so I have been busy building an online portfolio/website/thing. It’s mostly there now. I wasn’t sure what colour to go for and grey seemed the least offensive on the eyes. There’s still a few things to iron out, like the links on the slider. I want them all to open Vimeo in a new tab but whenever I alter the CSS sheet for more than one link the entire site goes blank!
No doubt I’ll find another theme I prefer and have to spend a couple of days changing it all about again.

I also made my own logo. I’ve attempted to make loads of logos in the past but always been rubbish at it. This is the first one I’m really quite proud of. The gear represents my engineering background and the shutter symbolises my newly acquired media skills. I often use both skillsets in my projects, so I thought that this was a decent way to represent them both.

Edd Hawkes Logo homepage

Check out my site and let me know your feedback.

See ya!