It seems like ages since I last blogged but I think it’s just because I’ve done so much since I last posted!

When I first started riding a unicycle the first thing I did was type ‘Unicycling’ into Altavista (Remember that? LOL). The first result and my first contact with the rest of the unicycling world was (UDC). As a young rider I looked up to UDC, it was my favourite website, I would spend hours drooling over the shiny parts for sale on the site. Never in a million years did I think that something I created would end up being for sale on UDC.
As I developed as a rider and met more and more real unicyclists, I met the UDC team and became friends with them. While I was at Voodoo Unicycles I worked on a couple of projects with them, became a sponsored rider and much more recently, made a promotional video for their disc braked unicycle. I helped Roger run the UDC stall at the European Juggling Convention in the summer of 2013 which was really enjoyable. It was great to see behind the scenes.
Now, as sponsors of Team Voodoo, UDC have taken the stock and are selling Voodoo Unicycles clothing on the website. It’s so weird looking on the same website that I’ve spent hours on over the years and seeing merchandise for sale that I helped create. Head on over to, check out the gear and get your orders in!

Obviously, as a result of UDC taking on the Voodoo stock, I’m not posting the gear anymore. I sent out the last item from Voodoo HQ late last week. It was a little sad, the end of an era. I hope the new owner enjoys their snapback 🙂

Music News

A while back I posted about the Above & Beyond acoustic album. A&B are a dance music trio and they have rewritten loads of their tracks into acoustic versions for a new album. Just before christmas they released a track through ‘Thump’, the Vice music channel on Youtube, and yesterday they released another.

This is the original;

and here is the acoustic version:

The full album is due for release on 24th January. I can’t wait!

On the same note (Teehee), I have been going round the charity shops for months wishing I had money to spend on music. Every time I went in there would be at least 10 great albums that I would have bought if it wasn’t for the lack of funds. Now I actually have a job, I took some time out to walk around and find some CD’s. I didn’t get loads this time, but I have half of my monthly £10 budget left. I picked up; Leftfield – Leftism, Dilated Peoples – Neighborhood Watch and The Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack.


I love buying music from charity shops. As well as helping a good cause, I can buy albums that I’d never normally gamble spending full price on. Look out for more charity shop music excursions soon!

Bullet-Time Project Update!

For those of you that have been following the bullet-time project, there is light at the end of the tunnel! This is probably the most interesting update so far, you’ll see why later. I’ve also got the unicycle involved.
Last time I posted about this, I didn’t have any video to show because the test was a disaster. I had 11 cameras and a rig that only held 6. I had to support the 5 extra cameras on bits of blu-tac and memory card cases. Far from ideal. Needless to say, I didn’t get anything remotely usable from that test.
Fast forward almost a week and I feel like I’ve done 100 more test shoots. I think it’s only actually been 3, but the amount of setup for this type of shoot is insane. Even transferring the footage onto the computer is a mindfuck as you have to keep track of which card came out of each camera and put it all in the correct folders. I altered my test rig to hold 11 cameras but I’ve only been able to get hold of 8 for the last 2 tests.


I’ve been experimenting using Twixtor to slow down the footage while switching from camera to camera. I don’t know if it’s ever been done before. Probably. Today I got the first semi-satisfactory results. I’m shooting in 720p at 50fps and 1/250 shutter speed. When I do the actual shoot I might be able to get away with a faster shutter speed due to the bright lights, the lighting was crap in my test this afternoon so I was limited to how fast I could go.
First off I tried taking one frame from each camera and slowing that down. This is the result after running it through Twixtor.

Next I tried freezing the action in mid-air, then switching through the different angles.

Obviously once I use more cameras the motion will be much smoother. I think I’m most of the way to getting it sussed though. The shoot is booked for next Thursday, so its full steam ahead on preparations. I did some maths to work out how big I need to make the rig. This thing needs to hold 30 cameras, it’s going to be a beast!


I bought the materials today, the roofrack on the van came into its own. It finally feels like it’s not going to waste.


I’ll update further as I build the rig. I still have to do my theory work for the unit, so I’m going to sign off and get that done.
Exciting times!