Ahhh, home at last.
Today was the first day at work that really felt long. My sat-nav almost got stolen, which didn’t help. Luckily I saw the guy in my van, chased after him and he dropped it. Strictly speaking we’re not supposed to challenge people trying to steal anything off the vans but my first thought was ‘How the hell am I going to do the rest of my round without a sat-nav?!’ and I just chased him by instinct.
The joys of working in Luton!

Moving swiftly on..

I saw this video of UniNATS this evening and it made me a little jealous of the NZ uni scene.

A couple of years ago when I helped run the UK trials & street league under the Voodoo Unicycles name it seemed like our scene blew up. Suddenly there were loads of street & trials riders that no one had heard of before and they were improving so fast. Now it seems like our scene has lost momentum. Maybe because there aren’t that many events, it’s just not as visible.
I also think the video is shot really well. It’s nice to see the standard of media improving in the unicycle scene.
I’ve wanted to shoot a video of all the best UK riders for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting off my arse and doing it. I’m really motivated to make quality videos at the moment. I know I have the skills and experience to make something half decent now. It’s just finding the time. I would hate to shoot loads of footage that is out of date when it came to release it.
I have been looking into getting music cleared, so it would be properly legit. It’s all still in the very early planning stages so far, as in, I’ve only thought about it. I haven’t actually put pen to paper yet. It would be cool to shoot on a nice camera too. Lots of things to think about. Keep an eye out for future posts about this, it’ll need lots more thought and planning but I’m determined to make it happen at some point.

One last thing, I also watched this video this morning. It’s a pisstake using a video I shot and edited in 2009. It’s pretty funny, but they could have used one of my better videos to steal clips from!

I’m out!