So, the bullet time saga continues. Yesterday I tried 6 cameras on my ghetto rig. Today, I aquired some more cameras in the shape of five Canon 7D’s. The problem was I didn’t have the equipment to drill more holes and mount the extra cameras in the same way. This meant that getting the framing right was almost impossible. Add the fact that we didn’t have any lenses for the 7D’s that went as wide as 18mm, so we had to use 50mm primes on all of the cameras. This meant that I was massively closeup to my subject, which has a fixed position of 2metres from the cameras.
Due to all the problems, I don’t have any video worth watching today. I did learn that almost doubling the number of cameras slows the setup time down by over double. It was painful setting up 11 cameras, especially when half of them work differently to what I’m used to. Also, forgetting to keep track of which cameras the memory cards came out of didn’t help at all.
Playing with almost 10 grands worth of equipment was cool though!
The conclusions drawn from todays tests are;
– Framing is key. If one camera is off, the whole effect is ruined. All the cameras must be mounted identically and they must NOT move once in position.
– The rig needs to be bigger. I mean the radius needs to be bigger. At the moment, the radius of the rig is 2 metres, which means the subject has to be 2 metres away from every single camera for the effect to work. In order to acheive the shot I want, I’ll need to be further back, so I need to make another rig with a bigger diameter.

The plot thickens!