I’m a happy bunny today.
I used my van properly for the first time ever. I helped my friend, Sam, move some furniture into his new flat. I even used the roofrack and everything!

Moving swiftly on….
Those of you that read yesterdays post will know that I had an idea for a project and it was eating me up from the inside out. Well, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I spoke at length with my little brother and we came up with a theory that just had to work. First thing this morning I got out the tape measure and had a root around in the shed.
With the materials in hand and a rough idea of how I was going to do it I set about putting pen to wood.
I wasn’t really sure what diameter to make the circle. I know I needed to be far enough back from the subject to get it all in, so I chose a 2 metre radius.
I then roughly drew a line 100mm either side of the centreline and zipped it out with the jigsaw.
I drilled 6 holes equally spaced along the centreline and stopped at a hardware shop and bought a handful of 1/4 screws on the way to college. I used all but one of the colleges DSLRs. Making sure they were all setup indentically took a while. Keeping track of which card came out of each camera was a bit of a mare too.
By now I’m sure you all know what I’m trying to acheive. Yep, bullet time. My theory was, if all the cameras have the subject in the centre of the frame, the effect should work. Due to the fact they’re all fixed to the rig in exactly the same way should sort out most alignment issues. The fact I’m only using 6 cameras is neither here nor there, I just wanted to test my theory.
Here’s the result.

It’s really jumpy and fast, but with lots more cameras it’ll look way better. At least now I know I just need more cameras. I also have a theory that once I get so many cameras that they won’t all physically fit on the rig, I can just increase the radius of the circle to make space. With a bigger radius, the cameras won’t have to be as close together. I think!?
It’s all been a bit of a mindfuck and lots of trial and error, but I’m pretty confident I can pull it off. Pretty buzzin’!
All I need now is 20 DSLRs…