It’s 2014. I haven’t posted anything about the New Year because I don’t feel it’s that important. Nothing has changed since yesterday other than the digit at the end of the year. I’ve never really understood new years resolutions. If you want to change something about yourself you can do it at any time. If you want to read about the new year, I’m sure theres loads of blogs about it. I’m sure any regular readers of my blog will have gathered I tent not to follow trends or write about seasonal holidays. I don’t think I’ve mentioned christmas once, until then. Anyway, on with todays post.

Moving, isn’t it? It gets me every time I watch it. I love that about documentaries. You can get so involved with the characters that you feel real emotion when they do. The fact that the subjects of documentaries are real and not just a story written by someone makes it that much better and eaiser for me to relate to. I’ve never really been into film but I have always loved documentary. I crave information and real life rather than fiction which I think is why documentaries appeal to me so much.
As well as watching them I’ve always wanted to shoot one. It’s something I’ve never even had a go at but I really want to create something that can touch someone emotionally. I want to create something that is so beutiful or moving it will evoke emotions in the viewer, much like the prolougue for Into The Abyss does for me. I’ve been thinking about making a documentary for a while but I literally have no idea what I should make it about. I’ve had a few rough ideas such as following the local skate/bmx scene as they get closer and closer to getting a skatepark or a short on Luton Hoo Gardens but really, I have no idea.
I’m going to be taking the documentary unit for my final project at college in May, so I’ve got some time to think about what I want to make but it’s frustrating not knowing.