It’s New Years Eve, our house is a hive of activity. All us siblings are attending a NYE fancy dress party at our friend, Dom’s house. In typical Hawkes fashion, everyone has left it until today to sort out their costumes. The theme is carnival. This is part of mine, can you guess what I am?

With the end of the year also comes a price rise in tickets for UNICON, the world unicycling championships. Luckily for me, I bought mine last night. The roadtrip is on and I’m pretty excited!
UNICON is in Montreal next year. There’s 4 of us going, I’m the only rider competing among us. This is possibly my favourite part of planning a trip. We’re committed beyond the point of turning back, but we still have everything else to plan. I’m looking at going over for 5 weeks, which should give us enough time to do a bit of travelling after UNICON too. It’s time to start looking at a map and deciding where we want to go!

Happy New Year, see you on the other side!