Sausage Fest
Isn’t it annoying when you do something amazing and if you try to replicate it, it’s never quite the same?

Every year, between christmas day and New Years Eve, a group of friends and I meet up, go for a meal and have a few drinks afterwards. It started a few years ago when we all regularly saw each other but now some of the lads I only see once a year, at the ‘Sausage Fest’. The first time it happened, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Dunstable and then moved on to a shitty club afterwards. The beer was flowing and many memories were forged that night. We cleared the restaurant with our dirty jokes and owned the dance floor in the local dive, ‘After Dark’.

Every year since we have tried to recreate that night but it’s never been quite as good. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still always brilliant and it’s an event that I look forward to all year but I can’t seem to hlep but think we’ll never be able to reach the levels of ridiculousness as that first year. Nowadays it’s more about catching up with old friends and chatting bollocks. We had the Sausage Fest last night, obviously what happens on the Sausage Fest stays on Sausage Fest but to give you a taster,  this is the only photo that was on my phone this morning. It’s Aaron about to set Sam’s beard on fire.


Roll on next year fellas!

The Voodoo Years: 2008-2013

Next up, the guys at Voodoo Unicycles put together this compilation video of some of my riding while I was with them. It’s pretty cool to see some of the old footage, god knows where they got it from. It’s good to see how much I’ve progressed over the last few years and it’s humbling to know that I had such a big impact on UK unicycling. I’m looking forward to the new year, the weather improving and the 2014 riding season. Check out the video below.

In other news, I’m ill! I’ve got a stupid ear, nose and throat bug. My nose is running, my ears are aching and I have no energy. It’s so annoying, I just hope I can shake it off before New Years Eve. I’m going to a fancy dress party and the theme is carnival. I’ve been trying to get ideas for a costume, but if you type ‘Carnival’ into Google images you only get one thing. Pictures of women in feathers. I’m going to have to put some thought into this I think…

Until next time readers, abyebyeee!