Earlier in the year when I didn’t have a reliable source of income I built a homemade slider out of necessity. It worked pretty well but the material I made the main brackets from weren’t up to the job and broke after some use. Recently I bought some aluminium stock to make them out of. Here’s a few photos and a quick rundown of the process.

First I marked up the aluminium. I decided to make them almost identical to the plastic brackets I made first time round. The only difference on this version is that the legs will be slightly closer together, about 20mm or so.

Next I drilled pilot holes and began opening up the holes a couple of mm at a time. This seemed to take forever and reminded me of a job I once had where I had to drill two holes in 700 lengths of steel. I wanted to die that day.


Once I’d got the holes to a reasonable size it was time to open them out to the final diameter. The rails are 19mm so I had to buy a new drill bit. I spent all my christmas tips from work on it!


With the holes for the rails done I could start on the holes for the legs. I marked them up and drilled the pilot holes, then opened them out to 10.5mm. The legs are ⌀10mm so they needed to be that bit bigger to allow easy adjustment.

All that was left to do was make the holes for the thumbscrews that hold the legs in place. I drilled two 6.8mm holes at right angles to the leg holes, until I broke into them.

Lastly I tapped an 8mm thread into the thumbscrew holes. I did this bit in my bedroom, hahaha!

Et voila! One finished slider. This should be much more durable than the last one. I’ll probably drill and tap some holes underneath for grubscrews to hold the rails in place. At the moment they are interference fit but I know they’ll probably work loose the more it gets used. Can’t wait to use it. It’s a bit heavier than the last version, but still not as heavy as a professional one. I wish I had access to a mill because I could cut the weight down dramatically by machining out un-needed material. It looks much more pro with aluminium ends too.

I’m out. Time to start my christmas shopping!