I’m writing this post while drinking from my brand new hipster mug!
I recieved it as a present in our college secret santa, my first present of the season.

Slider Stuff

A few months back I made a slider for a college mate. It worked really well and looked pretty legit. The only bit I wasn’t happy with were the ends. I made them from a type of plastic imitation wood.

After some use they’ve died a horrible death. It looks like the material couldn’t cope with the tension from the clamping screws and both ends have split where the rails are held.

I’ve decided to do it properly this time and bought a few bits of aluminium stock. I wish I had a mill so I could make them lighter and more pretty too, but I’ll just have to settle for function over form. I don’t know why but I love big lumps of metal. Can’t wait to get started on them and do some engineering again.

Above & Beyond Acoustic

A few posts back I mentioned that A&B were releasing an acoustic version of Group Therapy. This week they released a track from the album and it’s amazing. Now I’m looking forward to the album more than ever. Here’s the link to the original and the acoustic versions. Zoe Johnston really does have the voice of an angel. Goosebumps!