I hesitate to call it a roadtrip because it was less than 24 hours long but my friend Aaron and I just got back from a trip up to Norfolk.
We normally do something on a Friday evening but Dunstable town is getting tiresome. We didn’t want to spend another rubbish Friday night in the same old places with the same old people. In the end we agreed to meet at Aarons, have a couple of beers and take things as they happened. On the way round Aarons I had a stupid idea. We could go and visit our friend Robert, in Norwich. I half seriously mentioned it to him when I got there and he thought it was a great idea. It was already half 8 at this point and Norwich was a 120 mile drive away. The trip was on!


We brimmed the van, threw a duvet and a blanket in the back and hit the road. Now, I should mention at this point that I haven’t had the van for very long and I was far from confident it would make the journey without letting us down. The fuel gauge doesn’t work properly, it has a massive oil leak and the temperature always reads max on the gauge. Despite this we powered through and arrived at Roberts just shy of midnight. We didn’t let him know we were coming to visit, we just showed up on his doorstep, so we were a little worried he’d be in bed already. When we arrived Robs housemate answered the door and his face was a picture. To cut a long story short, we ended up going to a ’90s music night at one of Norwich’s finest drinking establishments, Aaron got clocked in the face by a psychopath farmer and we had the worlds worst cheesy chips.

The temperature gauge was in the red for the whole journey there and back. I’m pretty sure it’s broken.

I love doing spontaneous things like this. It really is the unplanned trips that are the best. Half the fun is in the journey. It was great spending a couple of hours on the road chatting shit in the van and trying to get hold of Roberts address. Oh yeah, we didn’t have an address for him until we were over halfway there.
If the opportunity to do something spontaneous like this ever arrises, do it. You won’t regret it. If nothing else, it’s a great adventure.
Good times!