Those of you that know me well enough will know that I’ve always been big into cycling, way before I started unicycling. I’ve tried just about every sub-genre of cycling going including BMX, trials, mountain biking, road, fixed gear and of course unicycling. I love everything about it, getting outside, exercising, meeting friends through it, travelling due to it and the sense of freedom and accomplishment you get on a ride.
I have been expecting this video for a while and had my doubts whether it would be as good as the first one. For the readers that don’t know, Martyn Ashton is a legend in the trials biking world. He has played a massive part in turning trials from the niche sport it was and bringing it to the masses. He ran a display team and this year while performing with them, fell and broke his back. As a result he is paralysed from the waist down and is wheelchair bound. He had already shot half of this video and rather than bin the footage he got a couple of guest riders in to finish it off for him.

To be honest, I feel it’s better with Danny and Chris than it ever could have been with just Martyn. They bring a bit of diversity and different riding styles, plus I love Chris, he is my favourite cyclist of all time. Lot’s of people have said watching the video makes them feel sad, but I think the fact that Martyn got together with the others to finish the video speaks volumes and shows that he isn’t one to sit around and let something like paralysis affect him. I LOVE the fact they left all the laughing in when they pulled off something ridiculous. It’s just what would happen on a real ride when out with your mates.

Even if you’re not into cycling one bit, watch it now. You won’t be disappointed.