Sometimes I wish I had a decent camera with me all the time or I could shoot stills and video with my eyes. I was cycling home from work today and this was my view all the way.


I love things like this. It makes you feel so small and you really feel like a tiny fragile creature on this massive planet we all live on. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a camera on me all the time. Maybe it would make moments like this less special. I quite enjoy being there in the moment, savouring that little private experience.


This popped up on my news feed this evening and being a fan of urban sports and culture I feel it deserves a mention. The Southbank Centre are proposing the destruction of Southbank Undercroft, the famous London skatespot, to be replaced with commercial floorspace. Southbank is probably one of the most iconic spots of all time and is always a place we stop on the London unicycling rides. It really would be a disaster if it got ploughed. Watch the LLSB videos, they are fairly long but well worth watching and then head over to and sign the petition against the planning application.


I watched the new video from Aussie riders Issac Conyers and Dan Cowling this morning. It’s pretty sweet. I particularly enjoyed the hop over the rail at 2.38 and the handrail with fire at the end. Reminded my of a BMX video. I’ve been wanting to shoot a BMXy unicycling vid for a while, so this is decent motivation.
Check it out below!

That’s all for today, folks. See ya!