I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks that my love of riding my bike/unicycle must be connected to the desire to explore the world around me. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Ask any BMXer, unicyclist, mountain biker, skater or freerunner what the best part about thier chosen discipline is and I’ll bet they all give you the same answer. Going to new places and meeting new people.
I recently travelled into the city for a group ride. I hardly rode that day but just travelling down on the train made me excited. I knew I was going to some decent spots and meeting some wicked people. I’d say over half of the satisfaction I get from riding isn’t about actually being on the unicycle or landing tricks, it’s discovering cool places and the experience as a whole. Whenever I’m traveling somewhere, even somewhere I’ve been to loads before I get that same feeling of excitment and adventure.

London Spots


While aimlessly Facebook browsing today I stumbled upon this article. I love Ride UKs Friday Randoms feature, it’s always interesting and this week is no different. I’ve always seen those banks in videos, so it’s good to know where they actually are. Check it out.