Work was throuroughly enjoyable today, which I never thought I would say about a job I got just to tie me over while I’m a student.
You always hear about people being attacked, mugged or generally being unpleasent to each other but today I was taken aback by the friendliness of complete strangers. In a way it’s sad that I was shocked about people being nice, you should be nice anyway. It feels refreshing to be able to reflect on something like this though. To come away from work feeling happy about the 8 hours I just spent sitting in the cab of a van is a great feeling.

Anyway, enough waffle. I don’t want to bore you (If anybody reads this) with reems of my crappy thoughts. Over the last few months I’ve been increasingly frustrated with my Youtube subscriptions. I’ve subscribed to a load of channels promoting drum & bass over the last 6 or so years but recently they’ve started uploading loads of ‘chillstep’. At first it wasn’t too bad, but then every producer under the sun started making tracks that sound exactly the same! One or two channels have been keeping me going but even they are average at best nowdays. I’m trying not to turn this into a moan so I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s a couple of channels that have restored my faith in Youtube over the last week or so.

Hybrid Minds.
Go and check them out. I’m a long time fan. They’re debut album was released on the 1st December and it’s banging.

Bachelors of Science
Again, I’ve been a long time fan of BOS. They have been quiet over the last couple of years so it was a nice surprise to see a video from them pop up in my inbox. The last album was great and really refreshing, so I hope we can see more of the same from them.

Also, I started my own channel! I used to go and see my good friend, Sam, and we’d sit in his living room, drink beer, watch Blue Planet and listen to drum & bass. Those sessions were ace and what inspired my new channel. I started off with a video featuring sea creatures on my personal channel and I decided to do another one, this time about mountains to one of Hybrid Minds new tracks. It’s up on my new channel, Stuff To Drum & Bass. Take a look and if you want to see more, subscribe and leave a comment.

That’s enough for today. Tune in again soon readers!