So, I’ve started a blog. I’ve never been into writing and I’ve never really ‘got’ blogs, but my departure from Voodoo Unicycles has left a gaping hole in my day-to-day schedule and I feel like I need to be doing something with all the extra time that is suddenly at my disposal.
I could probably be doing something much more constructive, like my college assignments or the washing up, but I’ve always enjoyed maintaining a website and thinking up content to create, so in my head this is time well spent. This blog isn’t going to be about any one specific topic but rather a place for me to spill my thoughts, share my experiences and talk at whoever is willing to read it. Sorry about the rubbish layout, garish colours and huuuuge picture (Props to Lara Beins)  by the way. It’s all about the content though, isn’t it?
Rather than bore you with a crappy text only first post, I’ll post some stuff I’ve been upto today.

I’ve been watching a metric ton of BMX videos recently. I’ve always been into BMX and always watched plenty of videos, but it seems as soon as the clocks go back and the weather gets shite I somehow get loads of motivation to go and ride. It’s extremely annoying and happens every year. Today I saw this Kriss Kyle video which just added more fuel to the fire. Grrr!

BSD – Kriss Kyle – The Passenger from BSD on Vimeo.

This offering from Archetype is also worth a watch if you have 15 minutes to spare.

ARCHETYPE SUMMER MIX EP from Archetype bmx on Vimeo.

My motivation to ride my BMX and unicycle is at an all time high while the weather here in the UK is preparing for winter. If anything that has spurred me on and made me more determined to go out on some riding missions. Watch this space.