Dunstable Skatepark Build – Week 4

The skatepark is starting to take shape, albeit mostly dirt still. You can tell where the different features are going to be.

The big stairset with ledges either side is going in where these blocks are. I think the blocks mark the ledges rather than the stairs, but either way, it’s bigger than I imagined.


Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 9.25.49 AM


The bowl is really coming along, the coping is almost complete as you can see. I’m really liking the raised corner that doubles as a curved ledge.







This last photo was taken at arms reach over the fence, apologies for it being on the piss.

This is looking down the street section from behind the long quarter at the far end of the render above.



It’s coming along nicely. I’m hoping that the bowl will have progressed a lot more by next week. When they start spraying concrete it’ll really start to take shape.

More updates on this same time next week.


Bobbie Altiser – Colony BMX 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a BMX video, so I was pretty pleased when this turned up on my news feed this evening. I haven’t seen a video worth posting in ages, but some of the clips in this actually made me shout out loud.

Two brakes, two pegs and a free coaster make Bobbie an awesome rider to watch. I LOVE this type of riding, you can tell he’s having fun. Check it out!


Dunstable Skatepark Build – Week 3

At last it’s getting interesting!

It’s been raining here all week, so rather than go and get more shite photos in the rain, I thought I’d wait a couple of days until it was dry.

Now the drainage is done and most of the droundwork seems to be there, we’re starting to see the park take shape. The bowl coping is starting to come together and there are various sections of breeze blocks. While I was there they were actually bending up the piece of coping for the raised bowl section. Cool!


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My history and a list of my Ex’s

Those of you that have known me for the last 10 years will already know I’m quite into cars. I’ve had my fair share, often wacky or unusual. I thought I’d put together a list of all the cars I’ve owned, just for fun really. I didn’t own these all consecutively, a lot of them cross over or I kept while using the others. The list is in the order I got them though.

My first car was a Rover 100. Not that weird. I loved it. It had a 1.4 engine, which didn’t take me long to convert to twin cam.


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Dunstable Skatepark Build – Week 2

So, we’re into the 3rd week of the Dunstable Skatepark build and after 2 weeks there’s slightly more to see other than drainage. Only slightly though. They are still just moving earth around really. The bowl is starting to take shape though, which is pretty exciting.


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The Perpetual Dilemma – Which camera should I buy?

For the 6 months I’ve wanted to buy a new camera. I’ve been using DSLRs at college for 2 years and feel it’s time I made the change from a video camera to a DSLR. I’ve been learning on Canon 550D and 600D’s. I’ve also used a 5D Mk2 for a couple of projects. I feel I’ve outgrown the smaller, cropped sensor cameras now, there are limitations with them that restrict what I’d want to do with my own camera.

I’ll be using it mainly for video but still taking the odd picture every now and again. The videos I shoot are mainly action sports, so lots of fast action and camera movement. I also want to be able to capture decent sound. I also really want to go full-frame because I just love the look. I’ve been looking at three main cameras. This is no way a review of any of them, this is just what I’ve found from research on the internet, watching video reviews and videos shot on the respective cameras. I have only scratched the surface of each of them and have only mentioned the features that I’m interested in on each. Make of it what you will.

Canon 5D Mk3


Haha, check out my photo editing skillz.

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Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

I know many of my readers will already have seen this, but I couldn’t not post about it.

In this latest film, Danny rides a ridge in the Cuillin Hills in the south of Skye. The reason I’m so stoked on this video is because we went there on the Voodoo Scotland tour and Danny actually goes to some of the exact spots we did. The landscape down there is absolutely stunning, I think it’s the most beautiful place on earth and Cut Media have done such a good job of portraying it. My favourite shot has to be the one at 2:16 where the quad flys towards Danny doing a G-turn and reveals the view. That shot makes me want to cry.

The riding is obviously on point too. Danny never disappoints and this video is no different. It’s nice to see him riding something other than his trials bike, proving he’s a truly great all-round rider. Some of the risks he takes are unbelievable, especially climbing up that rocky outcrop one handed with the bike on his shoulder. It’s well worth it for that money-shot though.

This is the type of video I’d love to make. I love everything about it, the riding, the location, the music, the seals watching him in the boat. Amazing.

I’ll stop talking now. Just watch it!

Stuff to D&B: Cities

This one has been in the works for a long time. I actually started it way before I went to America but the track I’d chosen just didn’t fit the footage as well as I wanted it to. I tried re-editing it with a couple of different tracks before settling on S.P.Y.
I love timelapses and the sweet, rolling sounds of liquid really complement the cityscapes.

So, without further ado, Cities to D&B. Enjoy!

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Dunstable Skatepark Build – Week 1

Regular readers of my blog will know that Dunstable, my nearest local town, is getting a skatepark after a 15 year battle with the council. I’ve decided to document the build, week by week, until it’s completion which is due for early next year.


It’s only been a week so there’s nothing spectacular to see yet. The land has been cleared and they’ve started to dig the drainage. It looks like they’re directing all the drains to a soakaway that will be between the bowl and the plaza section.




This photo is shamelessly stolen from Pete Smith, the man responsible for this happening at all, because I forgot to get one from this angle. Big respect to Pete!


I’ll be posting weekly updates, so come back every Monday to see the park progressing. Exciting times!

Dunstable Skatepark Build

It’s been 10 or so years in the making, but I’m really pleased to say that the Dunstable Skatepark build is finally under way. I was working away last week and I was gutted I couldn’t be there but diggers have moved onto site and started work. Here’s a photo of Pedro, Josh and Seb with a couple of the councillors, breaking first ground.


I’ll be following the build and covering it on here for all that are interested. I went down to the site after work on Saturday and it’s just turf and shrubs that have been cleared from the site so far, so there’s not much to see yet. Keep an eye out for more updates!