Dunstable Skatepark Build

It’s been 10 or so years in the making, but I’m really pleased to say that the Dunstable Skatepark build is finally under way. I was working away last week and I was gutted I couldn’t be there but diggers have moved onto site and started work. Here’s a photo of Pedro, Josh and Seb with a couple of the councillors, breaking first ground.


I’ll be following the build and covering it on here for all that are interested. I went down to the site after work on Saturday and it’s just turf and shrubs that have been cleared from the site so far, so there’s not much to see yet. Keep an eye out for more updates!

The Pool Guys

This week I spent my time doing something a bit different. I went down to Devon to help my friend, Andrew, fit swimming pool covers. Andrew usually works by himself but needed a hand on a couple of big jobs he had booked.
He picked me up Tuesday and we drove down to Bridport for two days where we fitted a couple of covers to existing systems. After we finished at Bridport we went onto Holsworthy and fitted a complete brand new system in the leisure centre there.
The work was interesting and varied, if a little hot. Working fully clothed in a leisure centre is absolutely brutal. Just standing on a ladder drilling holes had the sweat pouring from me. No photos from the first job but I took some from the new system we installed at Holsworthy. I wired in the transformer and electrics while Andrew measured out the columns, drilled the floor to accept the bolts and fitted the motor.

My bit.

The finished article.


We had a hired scissor lift to help us lift the roller onto the columns but we couldn’t get it into the building due to crappy access. It’d be rude not to have a bit of fun with it. In the second photo Andrew had actually taken the key out of the machine so I was stuck up there!



All in all, a great few days doing something different and Andrew only almost fell in the pool once!

Ghetto Skate Spot Update!

When I wrote a blog post about the ghetto skatespot on a piece of wasteground in Dunstable, I never dreamed I’d write an updated post about it. However, I went up to the site today on a pikey mission to find a length of tube for a wood burner I’m making and discovered that not only is the spot still there, it’s thriving. As well as the wooden manny pads and kickers made from old doors, there’s now concrete up there too! I snapped a few photos of the concrete additions on my phone.

First up is this flatbank/kicker. Built up using the plentiful supply of rubble on the site and finished with a slab and a layer of cement top and bottom.


Next is this nice looking grindbox/manny pad. I really like this, it looks sweet to ride. I didn’t have a good look at it but I imagine it’s filled with rubble. The coping is cast into the concrete too. I love the paintwork on this, nice touch!Photo0955

Last is this mogul type thing. Looks fun, if a little small for a bike/unicycle. The concrete has been really nicely finished on it though and almost looks like the concrete at any proper public skatepark. Props to the builder.


I absolutely love seeing stuff like this. I’m sure I said this in the first post about this spot but I love the DIY attitude and the passion that drives people to go out there and spend their time (and money) on creating things like this. I wish everyone could see how hard the skaters work to maintain their scene.

The build of the Dunstable skatepark starts next Monday, so it’s nice to see the skate scene is alive and well already. Part of me wonders if having a ready-made skatepark will be the end of a tightly knit community that will come together to create something like the ghetto spot. I hope not. Time will tell.

Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition: Vol 5

So this is it, the final volume of Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition. To get the full story, go to the beginning.

This last set of photos is set to the sweet sound of Alien Ant Farm. A staple in the CD changer while on the trip.

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Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition: Vol 4




To get the full story, head over to Volume 1 and start from the beginning.

Volume 4 is brought to you by DJ Hazard. This sums up Rob’s state of mind for almost a week after the festival.


We had a week left of our trip and before we left we researched music festivals. We wanted to meet real American people and we thought a music festival would be a great way to do that. The only decent looking festival that was on at the right time was Philadelphia Folk Festival. None of us are into folk music, but it wasn’t really the music we were going to see.

We decided to head down to the festival and see what it was like before taking the plunge and buying tickets.  We got there and it looked pretty good, loads of young people, so we parked the car and headed off to find the ticket office. USA-57

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Defect released for free!

Defect is widely regarded as one of the most influential unicycling DVD’s of all time. Shot by Dan Heaton, it was released in 2005. I didn’t actually see it until around 2010. I had just got over the ‘honeymoon period’ of unicycling where you try and watch every single video out there and intake as much information as you can and for that reason, Universe and Universe 2 were my bibles.

The difference with Defect is that unicycling was really starting to develop as a sport. The first round of blue framed KH unicycles appear in the video, whereas in the Universe videos, everyone was riding crappy unicycles that really weren’t designed for jumping around. I think it marks a turning point in the sport and definitely has a well deserved place in the history of our weird one-wheeled pastime.

Big respect to Dan for giving it out for free.

Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition: Vol 3

You know the score by now. Check out Volume 1 & 2 to get upto speed with the trip so far.

I chose this track for this set purely for the night out we had at The Cellar (See below).

You join us on a cycle ride somewhere in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. Rob’s looking at a pigeon.


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Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition: Vol 2

This is the next 15 photos from our Canadian roadtrip adventure. For any readers that haven’t seen Vol 1, I shot all of these on an old Canon film camera. I haven’t tweaked them in post, this is how they came from the scanner.

The track to accompany Volume 2 is College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero.

Since Montreal is such an amazing city for cycling, we thought it’d be rude not to hire bikes for a day and explore. This was a ‘leg adjusting’ break outside a church.


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Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition: Vol 1

So here it is, the first of many instalments of my US and Canadian roadtrip in photos. I’m going to post 15 at a time so it doesn’t take hours to read each post.
All of these were taken on film using my Canon T70. All the films were expired, so some have come out better than others. I haven’t done any post on these, this is how they came out of the scanner.

I’ve decided to add tracks from our actual roadtrip CDs so you can listen to them while looking at the photos to get a real feel for what it was like.

So, our trip began at Sam’s Mum’s house. Her partner actually took this one, so I’m blaming him for the soft focus.

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Eddstagram – UNICON 17 On Film

I decided to leave my video camera at home and shoot my UNICON trip on film.
Why? Various reasons. I recently got given my grandads’ old Canon T70, we had loads of film lying around at home and partly for the challenge. I also love the way film looks. All the film I took was expired, a risk I know, but I was prepared to come away with only memories.

Luckily, most of the photos came out ok, if not well. Some have faired better than others, sadly a lot of the flat ones are very grainy. You can tell when I’ve changed films, the difference between some of the films is amazing. I’ve done almost no post on them, although scanning them in has really softened the focus so I’ve sharpened the worst, but that’s it.


In no particular order.















Max sending it.




Reaction to Max sending it.



Those pesky photographers.



Slopestyle Street






I’m going to post the rest of the non-riding photos from the trip in several installments, in chronological order, so keep your eye out for those.